Frequently Asked Questions

NCSG will work with members to plan and facilitate onsite training and exams. If your business or local Guild would like to plan an event, share your interest with staff in the Support Form.

The new CCP and CCR is only slightly more expensive than the original. Over a 6-year period, previous CCP holders invested $1,050 to complete the exam every 2 years ($350 x 3 exams). The new CCP is still cost-competitive, requiring $750 for an NCSG member’s exam registration and $500 to renew (+ 36 CEUs), making the total cost to maintain the new CCP and CCR certifications is $1,250 over 6 years. With no annual maintenance or other required fees, this simplifies down to about $208/year to be certified — the most cost-competitive option in the industry.

NCSG recommends starting with the Study Guides found in the Resources section. These guides outline the content of the exam in detail and offer links to trusted education and training to help you prepare. Candidates can also benefit from mentoring, apprenticeship and networking with experienced sweeps. Ask NCSG to connect you by completing the Support Form.

Certification holders can renew by submitting 36 CEUs and paying a registration fee or retaking the exam. The details for recertification are outlined in the Candidate Handbook.

Special pricing will end after the first 60 candidates complete the exam for each CCP, CCR and CCJ. Registration opened Monday, January 9, 2023.

Badge numbers are randomly assigned by the certification management software and may not be requested.

The future of the Certified Master Chimney Technician (CMCT) program is still being determined. CMCT is not a “certification,” but rather a designation of experience and years holding a certification. This means that future master-level honors will still need to maintain NCSG certification. NCSG will also seek to recognize existing CMCT holders in the new scheme.

No. As existing CCP or CCR certifications expire, all candidates must pass the new exam or advance to the Certified Chimney Journeyman.