The Certification Process

Review Candidate Handbook

Before you get started, NCSG recommends closely reviewing the NCSG Certification Candidate Handbook. This document details every aspect of the exam to help candidates plan for a successful experience.


Before registering for an exam, NCSG encourages you to review the coordinating Study Guide for your certification. These road maps outline the blueprint of the exam and organize existing resources and training available to help gain the knowledge needed for a successful Chimney Professional! NCSG Education Coordinator can also help advise and offer training - request training by completing the support form.

Begin Application Process

When you feel prepared to attempt the exam, follow the application link to the appropriate certification process. This will direct you to NCSG's partner, Prolydian to create a profile, schedule an exam and manage your certification.

Create Online Profile

After selecting the appropriate application, you will be instructed to create a profile in Prolydian or login if a profile already exists. Candidates must have an independent email.


After a profile is created, Prolydian will guide you through a brief application. Applying for the certification collects candidate information, confirms the status of NCSG membership, requisite information and applicable fees. The application will then be routed for approval by NCSG staff.

Schedule Exam

Upon approval of your application, Prolydian will guide you to a list of options to schedule an in-person or online virtual proctor exam. Please reference the candidate handbook to fully understand the technology and testing requirements.

Achieve Certification!

Good luck on your exam! Upon earning a passing score (different for each exam), you will be NCSG Certified and among the ranks of the chimney professional elite!