Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am having trouble ordering, what do I do?

    Print out the Directions for Ordering page, and follow the directions step by step.

  2. How do I become a Certified Chimney Professional™?

    You become a Certified Chimney Professional™ by studying the materials (Manual and 211) and by passing the test with a score of 70% or higher. Note: The Certified Chimney Professional™ designation is a prerequisite course that must be completed before you can order the Manual and sit for the Certified Chimney Reliner™ designation.

  3. How do I become a Certified Chimney Reliner™?

    You become a Certified Chimney Reliner™ by studying the manual and passing the online test. You pass the test and achieve the designation by scoring a 70% or higher.

  4. How do I become a Certified Master Chimney Technician™?

    You become a Certified Master Chimney Technician™ by completing the application process for the CMCT™ designation.  To apply, you will need a minimum of 8 years of full time experience servicing chimneys and a minimum of 6 years of certification (either CCP or CSIA or a combination of these two) along with other qualifications.  Please see the link on the left (Certified Master Chimney Technician) for more information.

  5. Can I order the Certified Chimney Reliner™ Manual or test if I am CSIA certified and not a Certified Chimney Professional?

    Yes. You are able to order the material for the Certified Chimney Reliner™ and sit for the test if you are certified by either Certified Chimney Professionals™ or CSIA. Either certification qualifies you to order the material or to sit for the exam.

  6. What is the cost to get certified?

    We have tried our best to keep our costs less than half what others charge. The total cost averages $200.00 a year (for six years total costs - One manual and 3 certifications). The specific current costs are: A CCP (Certified Chimney Professional) or CCR (Certified Chimney Reliner) Manual is $150.00. The test for a CCP or CCR certification is $350.00.

    A quality brand, a professional certification and low costs are what the Chimney Sweeps who certify through us have said they appreciate. Please feel free to compare our total costs VS other certifications total costs. When you add the membership costs to get discount prices, test costs, manual costs, yearly fees you must pay, travel, food, hotels, training classes costs and travel for those, (remember: you must travel to take tests not available online) and lost production costs - you will save literally thousands of dollars over a 6 year period by choosing our Certification Program. One sweep wrote us saying that he added up the costs to keep his current certification active and it would cost over $2,000 just for 3 years in REAL costs for him, not including lost production! He figured that he would save over $5,000 real costs (not counting lost production) over the next 6 years. He is thrilled for the choice we provided for him.

  7. I am an employer, do you offer a multi-discount for my employees?

    Yes we do! We understand what it is to operate a company and are glad to offer a reduced cost for your employees! As the owner, you must first certify at the regular prices for each certification that you would like employee discounts on. Then, each employee that you sign up to be certified will always receive a $50.00 discount for either of their certification tests. The Multi-Discount policy will also continue for any Re-Certification also! Please Note: We will try hard to keep the employee�s costs to $150.00 per year for the Certified Chimney Professional™ Certification! This is 1/2 the yearly FEE that some charge just to keep their certification activated thru yearly fees!, much less any testing costs, membership costs, travel costs, travel and salary you must pay, hotels, lost production, etc… Further note: There is no discount for any re-test as we already have that at a rock bottom price.

  8. How often do I need to re-certify?

    For the Certified Chimney Professional & the Certified Chimney Reliner program, re-certification is done every two years. For most years you will not need a new manual or 211, just retake the test, score 70% or higher and you are good to go for another two years. One of the purposes and benefits of 2 year Re-certification is that it keeps the education and information fresher in the minds of the Certified Chimney Professional™.  For the Certified Master Chimney Technician, once you have qualified, re-certification is accomplished just by sending in your re-certification payment each year! 

  9. What is involved in getting re-certified?

    Re-Certification is an easy process. It can be done any day you wish on or after your certification expires. Just sign up for the Certification Test and take it. In most cases, your original manuals will do and you don’t need the expense of new ones. We are trying to balance the following issues in meeting the needs of the Chimney Professional: low costs, new information, codes and standards.  Again, for the Certified Master Chimney Technician, once you have qualified, re-certification is accomplished just by sending in your re-certification payment each year! 

  10. What make you different than other certification companies?

    Our motto says: �By Sweeps … For Sweeps™� To us, these are not just words. We understand the needs of the modern Sweep and we ourselves have been Sweeps for decades! Many sweeps communicated to us that they felt as though others certification companies wanted them to earn a PhD. when a college course would do. Our focus was the following: Keep costs low; Keep the education high but reasonable; & Stay attentive to the needs of the Sweep. The best part of what we do is hearing from Sweeps across the nation that these are the very things we are doing for them, and that they �APPRECIATE IT!�

  11. Are there continuing education credits needed to keep your certification?

    No. We encourage all 3 types of Certified Professionals who certified thru us to continually educate themselves in the latest information, tools and technology by attending workshops and regional events, however, we do not demand that you attend expensive classes and travel to take courses and tests, while having to spend large amounts of capital in travel, hotels, food, fees and lost production.  For the CCP and CCR certifications w e do have a two year Re-Certification policy which is designed to keep the Sweep/Reliner actively current in their Manual and the 211.  For the CMCT Certified Professional, continuing education is accomplished thru other means.  Ultimately, in all certifications, it is the professionals choice and personal responsibility to continually educate themselves if they wish to excel and stay current in their chosen field.

  12. Is there a Fee I must pay during the off years of my certification?

    No. We will not participate in this type of business practice. It is our belief that if you pay for and pass a 2 or even 3 year certification, you do not need to pay yearly fees to keep your certification. May a sick yak barf in our ice cream sodas should we ever do this.

  13. What is the Benefit of one company�s certification vs. another?

    That is a great question ALL Chimney Professionals should ask. Here is how we answer it: Some people want a PhD, some want a college level course, if that is all that will be needed. We have tried to provide a college level program in the field, or as we put it: a “Professional Level” standard of education.

    Here is what one sweep had to say: �In over 20 years of being a Chimney Professional, and having been certified by another company for many, many years, I pushed that I was a �certified sweep� to my customers and prospects. Funny though: Not one single person asked about who certified me. Not one. I know my business, and what I need to know to do a good job and be a good sweep. Your Certified Chimney Professional™ certification is just as good and thorough as the other company I was with for years. Additionally, you will save me literally thousands of dollars in the years to come towards the cost of keeping my certification active. Thank you so much for providing a professional level choice for me and my business! One last thing, my customers love your badge logo and comment on it frequently. This give me the opportunity to talk about being Certified and Relining Certified when that is appropriate.�

  14. What is your Logo use policy?

    If you have attained the designation of either of our certifications, you are free to use our logos in your advertising. Should you decide not to carry our certification, or choose not to Re-certify, you must cease the use of our logo(s) when your certification ends. We do reserve all rights to honest use of our logo(s).

  15. To use your logo, must all the sweeps in my company be certified?

    No. If an owner has earned the Certified Chimney Professional™ designation, they are free to use the logo in any advertising so long as they keep their Certification active. Should they drop their certification, they must cease and desist in using our logo(s). We do lean toward the �honor policy� believing that one reaps what they sow, either in good or bad.

    We do encourage all employers to have ALL technicians become certified and have offered reduced costs to encourage this. We think it is a Best Practice to send out a Certified Chimney Professional™ to all inspections and cleanings.

    Remember, once your certification expires and you choose not to re-certify, you must stop using our logo.

  16. Can I only be reliner certified and not professional certified?

    This is a great question. The answer is yes!  If you study the Certified Chimney Reliner Manual and pass the test you have earned the right to call yourself a Certified Chimney Reliner for the next 2 years.

  17. Can I use your material for my website or with my material?

    You are free to use our material, both the website material and the material in the manuals in your website or in the development of handouts or whatever way you deem, under one condition: You must credit the material, for EACH mention with the following:

    • �Used with permission from:�
    • If the material is on the web, a hyperlink must be used as part of the credit.
    • If not, we reserve all rights to our material and you do not have permission.