About Us

Certified Chimney Professionals is an organization: “By Sweeps…For Sweeps™.” Organized to meet the needs of chimney professionals across the US, Certified Chimney Professionals™ is an educational organization which currently offers three certification programs for chimney professionals who wish to:

  1. Further their education in the field of chimney safety, inspection, cleaning, use, & repair
  2. Prove from an unbiased perspective their expertise by passing professional level testing and achieving certification as that of a Certified Chimney Professional™ or as a Certified Chimney Reliner™.  And where fitting, earn and qualify for the Certified Master Chimney Technician™ designation.
  3. Work with a nationally recognized chimney certification organization who understands the needs of chimney sweeps and homeowners from a firsthand perspective. As we say: “By Sweeps…For Sweeps™.”

Certified Chimney Professionals™ was birthed by chimney sweeps with multiple decades of experience in the chimney inspection/cleaning/repair field. For many years several sweeps met to discuss the formation of a new chimney certification organization which understood the following:

  1. The importance of a professional level of education and certification testing in the chimney field from all perspectives;
  2. The frustration of continuing high fees, off year yearly fees and other rules and regulations from other organizations which they felt did not contribute to their chimney certification;
  3. The need for another chimney certification organization which would provide a high level certification through professional level testing including the latest information from the NFPA and other chimney related fire safety organizations at a reasonable cost & without unreasonable fees and requirements;
  4. The need for a thorough chimney relining certification covering all common forms of chimney relining which was not currently available for certification;
  5. Having a chimney certification organization which listened and responded to the needs and desires of the common chimney professional and chimney service company, and would balance education, certification and costs/fees.
  6. The importance of honoring those veteran sweeps who through experience and past certifications have qualified for the Certified Master Chimney Technician™ designation.

From these meetings Certified Chimney Professionals™ was birthed and has been met with wide reception from sweeps all across the US!

We encourage all chimney professionals to understand that: You Have A Choice in the field of Chimney Certification! and to: Do What Is Best for Your Company!

With over 8,000 Chimney Sweeps and approximately 1,500 certified through other companies at this writing, there is ample room and need for the many Sweeps who have dropped past certification due to high costs, and for those considering becoming certified, to consider becoming a Certified Chimney Professional™ and a Certified Master Chimney Technician™.

Additionally, we offer the ONLY comprehensive chimney relining certification in the United States. We encourage all chimney professionals who offer chimney relining to set themselves above the competition and achieve the designation of Certified Chimney Reliner™. We believe you owe this to yourself and your customer, the homeowner.

All three certifications are intended to fortify the experienced chimney professional’s knowledge, and to allow the experienced chimney professional the chance to prove by independent testing that they have attained a professional level of knowledge of the codes, standards and practices of a Certified Chimney Professional™ or a Certified Chimney Reliner™ and to achieve the designation as well as honoring those veteran chimney professionals who thru experience and past certifications have earned the Certified Master Chimney Technician™ designation.

A Note from the Director

My name is Marshall Peters, I am the Director of Certified Chimney Professionals.

I am a former sweep, company owner and trainer of sweeps for the past 20+ years. I was first certified by another organization in 1990 and for many, many years after, though I dropped my “certification” several years back for reasons that should be obvious for many.

(The above is a very, very brief bit of information just to let you know a little of my background.)

Several years ago, I met with several certified sweeps who were growing disappointed with their current certification company and with having to pay off year fees. We discussed the formation of a new certification company, committed to knowledge, expertise, and standards, but with a desire to make it simpler and less expensive for chimney professionals to get and stay certified. We decided to do something about it. Thus was born Certified Chimney Professionals (CCP).

CCP is a private certification company. We do not have an official board but have worked with individual sweeps along the way thru lines of trust & relationship in material and test development. As a group we developed tests and our business philosophy: Focusing of the regular sweep, with a cost effective, convenient, high quality certification which can all be accomplished online, while desiring to help sweeps get and stay certified.

The sweeps who helped were volunteers and gave of their time, knowing they would be helping other sweeps like themselves who were also frustrated. They choose to remain nameless and faceless, and were glad to have me lead, putting into existence CCP. As a result, I became the director.

I can assure you this: The information and knowledge of chimney sweeping in our manuals is similar, the level of testing is similar, and the quality is similar to another certification you may be familiar with. I know this because the very sweeps who helped develop the material have taken many other certification tests in the past and are familiar with other’s materials.

Please note this, we designed the program for experienced sweeps like yourself. We tried to make it super easy, where you would not have to spend a lot of time, travel & money getting and keeping your certification. We did just that. One hour every 2 years. And about $200 a year if you chose to buy a manual every 6 years. Less than $200 if you don’t! And if you have employees, $125.00 a year for them! My goodness, that alone is ½ the yearly fee charged by another company just for them to “keep” their certification, much less the testing costs! Please feel free to give me a call. You won’t get a sales pitch, but will realize you are talking to a man who has been there as a 20 year vet of the sweeping industry, and one who cares about the average sweep, helping them become the best they can be.