Code of Conduct

When you hire a chimney sweep certified by Certified Chimney Professionals™, you have hired a chimney professional who not only has proven knowledge of the chimney field, but also has committed to many Character Issues that are SO important in the service industry. We encourage each homeowner to read to following so they know to what commitments the Certified Chimney Professional™, the Certified Chimney Reliner™ & the Certified Master Chimney Technician™ has committed.

Each candidate who earns any of the three Certified Chimney Professional™ designations has agreed to the following Code of Conduct:

"I pledge:

  1. To learn and practice the chimney techniques and information that are contained in the Certified Chimney Professional™ Manual and the NFPA 211 (not just limited to these two, but also other instruction, rules, listings and authorities, such as the NFPA 31, 54, 211, UL and the AHJ);
  2. To establish and operate my profession and business with integrity, treating my customers with honesty and fairness;
  3. To do what is right for my customers at all times and avoid deceptive practices and statements;
  4. To carry general liability insurance to protect myself and my customers at all time. Should I lose, drop or not carry liability insurance, I will refrain from any use of the Certified Chimney Professional™ designations and forfeit any and all rights therewith;
  5. To educate my customers in safety and use regarding heating appliances, chimneys & vents;
  6. To continue my education, experience, knowledge and skill in the chimney cleaning, repair and safety industry;
  7. To honor the Certified Chimney Professional™ designation expirations and Re-Certify should I wish to continue a certification."

Please note the following disclaimer: While each Certified Chimney Professional™ has pledged to the above, it is still the homeowner’s responsibility to verify. We do not and cannot verify the above commitments from each Certified Chimney Professional™ and make no promises otherwise other than the pledge offered by any individual Certified Chimney Professional™. We believe in and encourage the following: Trust but verify.

We can promise the following: That each Certified Chimney Professional™, Certified Chimney Reliner™, & Certified Master Chimney Technician™ has pledged the above and passed professional level testing.