About Us

Certified Chimney Professionals is an organization: “By Sweeps…For Sweeps™.” Organized to meet the needs of chimney professionals across the US, Certified Chimney Professionals™ is an educational organization which currently offers three certification programs for chimney professionals who wish to:

  1. Further their education in the field of chimney safety, inspection, cleaning, use, & repair
  2. Prove from an unbiased perspective their expertise by passing professional level testing and achieving certification as that of a Certified Chimney Professional™ or as a Certified Chimney Reliner™.  And where fitting, earn and qualify for the Certified Master Chimney Technician™ designation.
  3. Work with a nationally recognized chimney certification organization who understands the needs of chimney sweeps and homeowners from a firsthand perspective. As we say: “By Sweeps…For Sweeps™.”